5 Best Passive Income Streams With No Money

Passive income is the new black.

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During these uncertain times, most of the people lost their jobs, some people’s jobs are hanging the balance. So, it is a risk to be working in an uncertain environment in a time like this. You can lose your job at any time without seeing it coming. Even if there is no risk of you losing your job, it is always better to have an income other than your active one, which is your job. Many investors in the world always say that one should have at least 2 passive incomes but the more the merrier. Moreover, having a passive income lets you retire earlier or open a business and don’t worry about money ever again. Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all time, has a great quote about this which I love.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffet

In this article, I will mention about five different passive income ideas that require no money to invest. There are a lot of passive income ideas if you invest with money that you saved, for example buying a house and renting it, creating a business, investing in dividend stocks, putting your money in EFTs, S&P 500 and many more but not most of us the gets the chance to save up $100,000 to invest in something that might fail. So instead, creating passive incomes without spending money and saving up that money and investing in something big, creates a snowball effect and in the end, you will end up with a great passive income. But, I have to warn you that the path to this is a pretty long path and you have to be patient.

“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.”

Warren Buffett


Thanks to Amazon and e-commerce marketplaces like that, selling something that you created has become a lot easier. Writing a book and selling in on places like Amazon is pretty easy nowadays. Especially with Amazon’S KDP service, it made everything one step easier. But, selling e-books requires an audience that you already have. Or you could write 10–15 books and put it in the marketplace waiting for it the get sold. It could make you money anytime, and if you market it well enough or if you have an audience behind you, it is much easier to do this. The next steps will include how to create an audience for you. But you could always come up with different ideas. Creating an audience is easy in these social media age. Use the power, embrace it.


As you probably have heard during the quarantine times, some websites and companies offer courses, and some even give you a certificate. Some courses are from highly ranked universities and the certificates do have the prestige at one point and some courses on some websites like Udemy, everyone can create their course. So, what you can do is to create videos for courses in something that you are professional about and give lessons/courses about it. Not everyone does this but the prices can vary a lot and the possibility of earning a great deal of money is huge. You can check the other course websites but Udemy, from my experience, is far the best one I have seen on the market. Check it out and create courses for the website that you feel comfortable with. It’s all up to you.


Now, this has been out there for a very long time and it is a bit of tricky because it doesn’t provide you money when you sleep but, with small jobs or jobs that you can work on your computer, it provides you with the best option to gain money on the side, and after a while, your prices can go up, leading you to earn even more without the struggle.

You can either freelance on something that you are already familiar with or get creative and learn something new, work free for a couple of times for your portfolio and voila! It does require for you to play a little bit on it, though. It takes some time. You could also check out some articles/blogs or books on the internet to have some knowledge about it. I can suggest you the book “Freelancing 101” on Amazon. It is not too long and gives you a wider perspective about freelancing and how to become better at it. It is worth to give it a look.


This is a widely known type of passive income all around the world and probably most of you have tried it and let it go. The reason why you didn’t have any success was that you left trying. Nothing happens overnight, you have to work on it for a long time and especially with blogging, you have to build up your audience, make people interested in your articles and this is hard and takes time. Start blogging either on Medium or in your blog. Create an audience and let the money flow do its work. Write a couple of blogs every week but don’t lose your quality. Don’t forget, quality over quantity.

You might say that this is not a passive income. Well, it is. It makes you money while you are asleep, all you have to do is to write a couple of blogs when you come home after work or in weekends and after careful reviews for grammar and spell check, share it. Over time, it will build an audience itself if you don’t stop sharing. A great way to both build an audience also to use it in some other passive income and to create a money flow to start anything else you might have in your mind or just to spend the money.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

— Confucius


Think of YouTube as a search engine. Millions of people go to YouTube and search for something in the search bar just like Google. There is a great possibility in YouTube, something that you can use to your advantage easily. It’s a bit harder than blogging and takes more time but once you set up a schedule and start sharing videos consistently, the rest will come as long as you don’t give up.

Now, you have learned about not giving up in the blogging section. Same goes for YouTube, too. You have to be consistent every week; you have to have a schedule and organize your videos according to it. Create a channel about something you love, edit the videos and share them. This can take some time because you edit the video and shoot it yourself or prepare it from scratch. But once a week or once in two weeks is enough to share a video. It will slowly build up an audience in time just like in blogging. YouTube creates a great passive income for your life, gives more money than blogging but it takes a lot more time than blogging. I would suggest doing both at the same time because you will have more chance and a higher success rate and if your topics are the same with your blog, you can direct your audience to each other, resulting in more views or reads. You have to put the effort in to have a chance of success and YouTube gives you that.

The ideas that are given here are to either just get some low income to support your life or to save up some money to create something better that creates a bigger money flow. It’s not to live your life on these ideas. These are just the starting point of what might be bigger in the future. Use these as a step to your success. Not your final destination.

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