How Corona Will Change the World For Good

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First of all, rest in peace to those who lost their lives due to the virus, and many thanks to the health workers who are working 7/24 since January putting their lives at risk.

The world is going through a crazy pandemic, and it is probably one of the biggest problems in the modern history of our world where we had to stop the world and quarantine. There are 8 billion people on the planet and every single one of us has been affected by the virus, either in terms of our lifestyle or our health. Crazy times, indeed but isn’t this going to affect our world in the future even after COVID is gone? It will. Not only the individuals but the countries, and companies as well. However, this might last or not, it all depends on what we will see in the future but there will be some measures in the future for an indefinite time, for sure.


After the vaccine is out and available for everyone to get, companies, generally airlines, hotels, hostels and other tourism-related agencies will ask for vaccine check, most probably you are gonna have to have the vaccine passport that states you got the COVID vaccine. Companies have already started to release this statement even before a probable COVID vaccine. Such as Qantar, they announced that they will only take passengers who are vaccinated for COVID for international flights. Wild, right? Even before there is a vaccine, companies started to take measures for this because it is highly important for airlines to be safe and secure to go back to the old normal as soon as possible and the vaccine is the only way for this.

”A digital health pass, which could include vaccine information, is the key to opening borders.”

— The International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Qantar’s CEO, Alan Joyce stated; “Whether you need that domestically, we will have to see what happens with Covid-19 in the market. But certainly, for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that’s a necessity. I think it will be a common theme, talking to my colleagues in other airlines across the world,” This is a common talk right now within airlines. More industries will follow airlines’ control, in the future, in my opinion. However, there will also be legal issues whether it will be possible to put this into effect because of “freedom” acts on many countries’ constitution.


Pandemic showed to the world that the health policies and health industries, hospitals weren’t good enough to handle a boom in patients. There could be more viruses, more diseases in the future and this won’t be the last. So, there have to be more solid policies, solid hospitals and sectors have to be more prepared to fight with this kind of patient boom and to handle them better and also to protect the health workers.

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How could this affect our life? Significantly. The measurements you have to take while you are working, the things you have to do while studying at school and quarantine days when you feel sick. All could be a part of our lives in the future to prevent any more diseases spreading like this one. You can’t stop it for good but you can slow it.


However, it is also worth mentioning the things that will be permanent/long-term in our lives such as the Zoom meetings, work from home scheme, and many more. With COVID, companies and individuals have started to realize that there is no such need to go and talk in real life for meetings or there is no need to work %100 from the office because you can make these things at home from your computer with the same efficiency. These are one of the few things that will last forever or for a very long time in our lives.

“We’ll be tech-dependent for the long-haul”

— Zoe Kleinmann

Most of the people/companies have already made this permanent or said that it is going to continue until the end of 2021/2022 because they liked it and it is also cost-efficient because you don’t have to spend money as before for the offices.

This also suggests that the purchases for new clothes will be significantly less because people are not using them as it was before, and they don’t see the need to buy new ones since the ones they already have is enough and well, the fashion isn’t changing anytime soon. This might increase prices for clothes because the consumption will be relatively low just like aviation where the flight prices went as high as the skies because of fewer flights, fewer customers. This is one of the other things that might stay like that for the long-haul because the flight rates are not going to be how it was before anytime soon.

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Virtual schools for a long time could be ahead of us. Even though the governments are trying to open up the schools more than anything, it is not possible, thinking that there are between 20–30 students per class. With this kind of numbers and kids having to lock down in a class for 40 minutes 8 times per day is a huge risk. One student or the teacher him/herself being sick could affect the entire school, creating a snowball effect with those kids taking that to home, affecting their parents, and the list goes on. So, without permanently eliminating the virus, it doesn’t seem likely for schools to be fully re-open in the upcoming future.

There are more topics, subjects, events to cover but the main thing is that even after COVID, we won’t be living a world where we are used to everything. There will be major changes, at least until COVID is a history. Everyone will have to adapt to every change in our world and those who won’t, especially companies, will be history along with COVID.

Stay safe.



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