How I Am Working at 3 Different Jobs

Working at different jobs at the same time is possible. How?

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Working is essential. All of us work but most of us in only one job. There are also people working in different jobs at the same time. How and why? There are several reasons for this, but I can safely say that majority of it is to create an income sustainable enough to cover your expenses. We generally see this type of working schedule at the poor level of societies in every country. However, this is not the case and this is not what I want to talk about today. I am a student studying abroad and as someone studying abroad, I have a lot of expenses to cover from tuition fee to your rent that you pay with a different currency. When all this combined, I wanted to do something and due to COVID and also that I don’t speak the language of the country I am living in, it is relatively hard to find a part-time job.

You have to do the hard things to live the easy one.

Right now, I am working in a non-profit organization as a volunteer (pay is not in discussion, unfortunately), and as a business developer in one company and also a freelance translator. My days start at 6 AM, ends at 10 PM mostly every day. On top of that, there is the school I have to attend. I am doing all that basically for a cent on the dollar. Why? How do I find the motivation for that?

Motivation is the thing gets you started, habit is what makes it a passion


I wake up every day with the sole dream that I am different, and my life is in order, everything is perfect — of course, with its flaws. Having a clear mindset, a clear plan in your head makes everything one step easier and closer. A tidied apartment, room and a table is also another step towards the “idea” of having a great life. These things might seem silly, easy or small but little details create the big picture, don’t forget. Have a clean life. Table, apartment, bed, clothes, kitchen. Life with an order.

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This is what makes you tick, go the extra mile, take the risk. This gives you confidence and the idea of not a boring life because everything is in order. In psychology, for those who are interested or have knowledge about it, it is all about the mindset that you create within your mind. Think about it, in which room would be willing to work more, a dusty, messy, sloppy room where you can’t even see the floor or a room where everything is in order, clean, tidied and the sun shines? I believe we all know the answer. Treat your mind as if it is a room. However, the mind does what it sees, so it has to see something tidy and clean.


Now, this is one of the most important things that you have to do to have a productive day/week/month. Because without a plan, all that work gets mixed up and you miss your deadlines, forget the work you have to do and your mind becomes that messy, sloppy room, no way to fix it without missing on deadlines, which, is vitally crucial for your works.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Write it on a paper, on an Excel sheet or use one of the programs on the web or on your phone. Plan your month, then your week, then your day. You basically can’t do everything you say on your list but try to do at least %60, %70, that will be more than enough for you to have the courage and the passion to move forward and make it a habit in the future.

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In a book called “Management and Psychology” by HBR’s 10 Must Reads, it talks about how managers and CEOs that have a lot of work to do goes the day with just a bagel in the morning and something sugary in the afternoon and a late dinner which has no protein value. It is stated that with a diet like this, your sugar intake is so high that it will make you feel bored, tired throughout the day because once the sugar that you eat wears off, your energy will immediately go down, leaving you hungry both for energy and for food.

“Success is the sum of small efforts — repeated day-in and day-out.”

— Robert Collier

In light of the new researches, the author, talked to a manager who was waking up at 5 AM every day, going to meeting all day round, no breakfast, no healthy drinks, not enough water, just bagel throughout the day and a late dinner — mostly take-out. Eventually, the author gave him a new list of diet and a suggestion of doing sports at least 3–4 days a week. He said to the author after trying that for a few months; that his living conditions have improved and he became more energetic, focused and able to work/understand well during his meetings, etc. What he did was basically to go to the gym every morning before his work started, get a healthy breakfast with enough proteins and energy and eat something every 2–3 hours. The key thing is to eat small portions but more frequently. With this, you pump your energy up and also get the intake that your body needs. Diet is a vital thing to your life and you have to keep it in order. Again, the room has to be clean, tidied and smells nice.

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Okay, this is something that most of the people forgets to do. You have to take a break for 15–20 minutes every 90 or 120 minutes of work. With this, your body gets the energy with the relaxation, and you get to focus better because; think of your body as a weapon, during those 90 or 120 minutes you use all your bullets, and if you don’t take a break and refill, you’ll just try to fire up the pistol without bullets. Taking those breaks helps you refill your ammo and fire up your pistol again. Read something, walk around, take a look at your phone. It is vital and also, you have to eat something during those breaks. As I have mentioned in the above chapter.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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