The Biggest Aviation Mystery — Malaysian Flight 370

Atahan Aslan
4 min readJul 17, 2020


Malaysian Flight 370

We all heard mysterious stories throughout our childhoods. But we never thought they were real. They weren’t. Until 2014. A Boeing 777 was vanished and was never found. Not even a piece of the plane. What happened to it? What happened to the 239 people in there? Are they alive? Or are they dead? No one knows.

In 2014, Malaysian Flight 370 was flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board. And suddenly, at 1:19 AM, after the last contact, the plane was never seen or heard again. The pilots’ last words were; “Everything’s okay, good night.” A normal chat. Nothing weird, right? After the vanish, researches lasted for 3 years searching nearly HALF OF THE WORLD. They even shaped the ocean’s bottom again. But nothing, not even a piece was found.

“It could be pilots. It could be members of the crew. We’ve seen a variation of that with Snowden,” — former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff

The people on board were also searched to see if there were someone important on the plane and yes, there were but it still isn’t clear if that was the reason. I’ll mention who they were later on this article. Throughout time some pieces of the plane were found but it still isn’t clear with only one or two parts being found. There has to be something concrete to know if those parts belong to that plane or not. Plus, there is nothing to be found about the passengers on board, no body, nothing.

With all that, conspiracy theories started to wander around. There were some crazy theories but also some good, reasonable ones. When you look at it, the actual reason behind the plane going missing is no where to be found so, coming up with some conspiracy theories either crazy or not, is the most sane thing to do at the moment. Among all of those theories, I wanted to select the most probable ones and a couple of “crazy” ones. What were they?

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There are a lot of conspiracy theories but probably the most famous one is the “alien” thing. I have more serious conspiracy theories on this one. More real. In the flight, there were 5 important people. 4 of them were members of Rothschild family — the most powerful, rich and big family in the whole world- and the other important person was a Chinese guy who was in the most wanted list of CIA. He hacked NASA and copied all of NASA’s information and gave it to China. Now, let’s turn the Rothschild family members. Those 4 guys were shareholders for a company. That company has 5 shareholders and if one of the shareholders dies, his share would be shared equally between shareholders. Well, look at that! Now that 4 of these shareholders are gone, the last Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild, now has all the shares. And a family that has nearly %20 percent of the world’s economy, a family that can even start a war could be able to do such a thing like this, right? Take the plane, land it somewhere safe and secured, kill everyone on board and boom! It is gone!

There’s always this question: Have we missed something? That’s the sort of thing that will occasionally keep me awake at night. We were ready for most things, but MH370 has been unpredictable all the way through.

Martin Dolan, head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau

The other theory is that the USA landed the plane in a warehouse and executed everyone on the plane just to get rid of the Chinese guy. In those years, China was a very powerful country. They were going against the USA. But now, they are in the grip of USA. That could be one of the reasons. -Better than the aliens, for sure-

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Anyways, let’s look at the facts. After losing contact with the plane at 1.25 AM, the plane was caught on a military radar out of its planned route. It was seen at 2.22 AM, exactly one hour later. Many believe that after the plane deviated from its path, it turned to the south after the last contact and crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean after running out of fuel.

Yet, unfortunately, all those theories will stay as a theory until the plane is found. Which I don’t think it can be found after 4 years. This is the biggest aviation mystery in history.



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