Why USA Had No Restrictions for COVID-19?

Covid-19 had hit not only the individuals but also the countries very hard and unprepared. It unfortunately killed more than 500,000 people at the moment and it is still counting, most of the countries have put serious restrictions, lock-downs and many more during the peak times of the virus. Some of them shut down the country, some of them put serious restrictions but all in all, we had serious lock-downs in most of the world. It wasn’t easy but we had to. But during these times when the virus peaked and clashed the economies, put people in their homes for months, USA, the biggest country in terms of the COVID-19 cases, they refused to put restrictions and lock-downs saying that it is all a lie and they wouldn’t budge on it. Why? Why do they think that this virus a lie and they didn’t have nearly any restrictions for it?

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We have to know the fact that USA is the biggest capitalist country in the world. It’s economy feeds through its population, it is open and based on transactions with people. This is the biggest difference that USA has than the other countries in terms of the type of economy. Yes, most of the countries are capitalist, too, but USA is on an another level. It is a huge country with huge numbers of entrepreneurs residing in it. Look around you, most of the fast-food restaurants, phones and many other things that you use are actually based in USA. That shows that their economy is actually based on these entrepreneurs and how they make sales. Apple, McDonald’s, Burger King, think about if these companies went bankrupt. Would the USA be the same without the biggest companies under its soils? I don’t think so. That is why USA is insisting on no lock-downs. If they put lock-downs, these companies (not only them, the little ones, too) will get affected, some of them will go bankrupt, some of them will take huge damages that will take years to fix. That is the reason behind why they made all this fuss about avoiding lock-downs, leading to the death of thousands.

But, come to think of it, was it really worth it? Did the economy really survived? Not at all. USA had the biggest economic crash since the great depression. Do you know what that means? Everyone lost millions of dollars and wasn’t able to do a single thing besides blocking the restrictions and letting people die just earn a couple more bucks. Let’s look at the numbers here, what has actually happened?

22 millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. But there are about 40 millions of Americans that became unemployed because of the virus. Unemployment rates raised to 20% from in March 4.4%. In four months, it raised from 4.4% to 20%. It is not normal. Furthermore, Small Business Administration, which supports U.S. entrepreneurs with loans and funding, has run out of money for its Paycheck Protection Program. There were serious problems and glitches with the stimulus checks that the USA Department of Treasury promised. Millions of Americans who became unemployed because of the virus couldn’t get their stimulus checks. Everyone suffered, not only the individuals who live paycheck to paycheck but also the billionaires who never even thought of being in a position like this.

So, what the USA did actually was for the big guy’s favor, not for the people who they got their vote from. Eventually, they managed to fail at this, too along with other dangerous things that USA faced in the last couple of years. It was a shame that a country that has one of the biggest populations on the earth has failed to protect its citizens just for their money’s sake.



A writer who is passionate about startups and business that focuses on informing people about these subjects. Also publishes on decentfinancelife.com

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Atahan Aslan

A writer who is passionate about startups and business that focuses on informing people about these subjects. Also publishes on