Working In Top-Notch Companies Is Not The Best

Working in Google is not always the best thing.

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

All of us would want to work in companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. if we have the chance, right? How a great life we’d be leading? It is great, there is no doubt about that but the thing is that most of the recruiters now doesn’t care whether you have worked in Google or not. They care about you, how passionate you are, how successful you are. It is easy to get into Google if you know someone who can refer you to work. I am not saying that people who work in Google or YouTube is not good enough, I am just saying that there are people out there who choose not to work in top-notch companies. Why? Why do most of the recruiters don’t care if you worked in top-notch companies or not? Isn’t Google or YouTube or IBM enough?

There are many reasons for a recruiter to choose a candidate to hand out an offer for them to work in their workplace. It could be the candidate’s education, their experience, how they are passionate about the job, their references, etc. Among all of these reasons, working in a top-notch company sometimes makes a difference, sometimes not. Some recruiters would want to hire you if you have worked or working in one of those companies and some other recruiters doesn’t care whether you have worked in Google or some local company somewhere in EU or US. Some people choose not to work with people who have worked in top-notch companies. This might seem crazy, but it is real.

Job Hunt Will Be Tougher

I have talked with a lot of recruiters who had this opinion. I was surprised at first when I heard it because I thought that if I worked in one of those companies, I could work anywhere without even worrying if I’d get accepted to work. But, I saw that it wasn’t like that. Although once you are in one of those companies, it is hard to go back and work in a local environment, you tend to wander around these companies. I had a friend who was working in Nvidia and left there to work in Apple, and after working in Apple for about 2 years he left to work in Google. Another friend of mine who worked in Google, wanted to leave and work somewhere else and even though he got to do a lot of interviews, the first question he was always asked was “Why did you leave Google and what you expect from us?” This is how it works once you are in there. You can go to any top-notch company but not to the local environment. It’s hard. No one wants to take up someone who has that kind of experience because the idea of not living up to Google is a reality. It makes things harder for employers because they always try to live up to that life but it is not possible.

So, why take all these risks when probably there are people better out there who choose to work with you willingly and understanding you, your company and what you can offer? This is what it’s like. That is why most recruiters don’t choose to work with people who have experience in the top-notch level. It is hard to give what they want if you are not as big as those companies which are nearly impossible.

Your Expectations Will Be Tough To Lower Down

But, what you need to understand here is that working in these companies will give you the financial freedom quicker and way faster than what the local or multi-national companies but smaller than top-notch ones can offer you. The pros of working in this environment are not less, there are many pros but if you think outside the box and you want to work in different environments, see through the perspective of other companies, top-notch ones are probably not the best choice you can make. Other than that, if you do not wish to do these than top-notch companies are the best option for you.

Other than the financial means, other kinds of expectations such as the work environment, your managers, etc. are the people who are skilled and knows how to work in the top-notch companies. Leaving that to work somewhere else besides the top-notch companies, you will miss this and it will be hard for you to adapt to it.

So, you have to think all of this a lot and you have to know what exactly do you want with your career. Because it might be a huge mistake. You will be famous in your environment, you will get to work with the bests and you have to be able to cope with the stress that it brings to you, not everybody has that kind of mindset to be always on the lookout in the work environment and not everyone can give %100 every day to their job. You have to weigh the pros and cons according to yourself and decide it on your own to see whether it’d be a great move for your career or not.

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